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Enough said. ♡♥♡♥ #love

Enough said. ♡♥♡♥ #love

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We are not our thoughts.

That little voice inside your head is not who you really are. That is just the means in which we use to perceive our outside “reality”. Whatever in which we focus on shows up in our life. Examples; Today a lady called asking if we have Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, while I was holding one in my hand getting ready to put it on the shelf right before she called. Before this my friend Rita posted a status about manifestation. Prior to that I woke up knowing that today was going to be amazing. I put up a sign at work saying, ‘Free Hugs Inside!” It’s been up three days now. This was the third day and I added ‘Just Ask :)’ to the sign. I received my first hug from a lady who had the same last name as me. I tagged Rita in a post I made about receiving this hug and our friend Heather commented on it. Rita responded that she had talked to Heather about stopping by for a hug and they were now involved in a post about hugs :). This could go on and on. There have been so many sychronicities in my life, the list is virtually endless. I see each moment as a new beginning. Granted this is not always easy when processing certain human emotions. Yet the Buddhist belief is to LIVE moment to moment and that WE put the suffering into suffering. It’s all about the eb and flow of life. What is here in this moment is gone in the next.

Even as I write these words by the time they are read by someone else a whole new sequence of moments will be happening. It’s all very fascinating really. Each moment is ours to create. Will it be love or fear? We always have this choice. It is apart of our free will.

I have found that I reach certain levels and then I want to challenge myself, thinking, “Now what?”. Life is a beautiful process. When we trust this process and truly let go the waves of love wash over us and embrace us in a way that is beyond our wildest imaginations! Well that is how it is for me anyways. We are all having a very unique yet connected experience on this planet, here and now.

Even though I have had my moments of utter despair and heartache, they always pass. Always. They always will. Nothing is permanent, the more we accept this the better our experience is. We no longer feel a need to cling to anything because this too shall pass. My purpose is to help as many people as possible. This world is a better place because I exsist.

Every day I am given lessons. Which will I choose? Love or fear. It all comes down to that simple question. Love or fear?

Taking the time to really think about and FEEL the essence of who we are, pure love. If we use no words, thoughts or actions to describe what are we left with? Essence. It is a feeling. My goal is to spread this unconditional love to the depths of the Earth.

I am God. The three most important words any of us can tell ourselves. Now hear me out. This is the essence of what God symbolizes. We are apart of the Source of all that is. We are energy beings. We all emmit a frequency and that which is on that frequency manifests itself into our life. Many religions have used control and fear to conform people to do what they want, generally speaking it’s about money. There are many non-denomination churches that teach this unconditional love. We are created from God, so therefore we ARE him. The essence of God is within all of us.

It is up to us to allow that love to flow through our lives. God takes account of no injury, loves us no matter what we do, say, think or believe. It is simply essence. No ‘good’ or ‘bad’ choices, simply CHOICES. We as humans have put all these rules and regulations on what this is and what that means.

When we slow down, let it go, let it be, we see that life is beautiful.

Our brains are like computers, we have all been programmed to believe certain things about ourselves. We are simply childern in bigger bodies and somewhat more thinking capabilities, sometimes. Mostly everything we do is based off of habit. We do 95% of things, subconsciously. We can reprogram the dialogue, realizing that we are not that voice. We are not our thoughts. Observing them for what they are just thoughts, it begins to change the perspective of things. This then helps us to become more aware of that voice. Differentiating between what that voice is and who we really are.

The choice is ours. Stay where we are, or get uncomfortable and grow. I choose love. Moment to moment.

Begin again, each moment.

Begin again, each moment.

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Goodbye 2012.

2013 one of my resolution is to TRULY begin fresh. Let go of the past and all that has happened. 2012 was a very challenging year for me and I am grateful that I made it out alive, that is no exaggeration. I feel as though a great purging took place. All that was no longer serving me was throughly cleansed from my life and in a not so drama free way.

I have made peace with all that has happened in all the years prior to here and now. There are things that I have done that I am not proud of. However, I would not change anything because who’s to say if everything had not unfolded exactly as it had I would be here now? For that I am grateful. It is time to stop dragging the dead horse around. The past is done now. There are things that I will never be able to change and thinking or worrying about them is pointless.

I resolve to stop selling myself short of what I deserve. To stop sabotaging my life because I have had a deep seeded feeling of not being worthy. I AM WORTHY. We all our worthy of our dreams and goals being fulfilled beyond what we can even imagine.

Let it go. Let it be. Here’s to the best year ever!!! Bring it on 2013! Time to rock it :) I will make this the best year yet! I am anointed in everything I do, on a level this world is not familiar with, all for the glory of God!

Just for now…

I am. The year is now 2013. A brand new year, infinite possibilities and creations unfolding. I am grateful for all that I have been blessed with. I know God will continue to shower me with unknown blessings. I pray that I am able to do the same for others, ten fold of what has been given and shown to me.

It is interesting to me this underlying feeling of unworthiness inside. I know that I am worthy of all that I desire in my heart. Yet what is this feeling inside, this guilt that seems to appear no matter what I do, is still lurking in the shadows?

I suppose it comes from programming that I received throughout my youth. Being raised Jehovah’s Witness I was made to feel guilty and shameful if I followed my hearts desires, as if I was not worthy of receiving such blessings. I understand now that I have grown up a bit that their purpose is to control people with fear. I get that, most religions are based off of the same idea.

I feel sadness in my heart that humans have become so distant from one another. To me it’s as though we are walking around with limited awareness of those who are not in our immediate circle of influence. Interacting at stores, gas stations, restaurants, where ever, on a daily basis and become numb in a sense to those who are around us.

I do feel as though there is a change coming, happening now really. We are becoming more aware of our Universal connection to everything that is. Energy knows no bounds, it is everything. We are connected on an energetic level that more and more are realizing.

What each of us individually does effect each and every one of us. It’s the pebble thrown into the pond. Ripples will disperse until they reach land and then ripple back. Our thoughts, feelings, words and actions are the ripples. Our thoughts are things. We are like radio towers constantly emitting a frequency. No different then tuning into stations on the radio. Each station will give you a certain type of music. Our minds work the same way. What we think will give us the “station” of our life. What we will see all around us depends how we are ‘tuned’ in.

All we have is here and now. What we do in this moment and each one following will shape and create who we are and what we are doing with our lives. I believe we all have a Divine purpose. Each transmitting a frequency, without which would create a completely different composition to the symphony of Earth.

Our brains are the most powerful computers in the world. Only when we use them to their greatest potential will we truly see all that we are capable of being. It is a matter of realizing as well that our heart communicates more with the mind then the mind does to the heart. When we are able to live from our hearts and see others as the God’s they are, as are each of us, that is when the world will be a completely different frequency.

It is not always easy to this, there are souls sent into our lives to teach us about ourselves. At times it is a challenge to see something that we do not like in others and realize that is indeed a part of who we are. We may not be living from that vibration or mind set now yet there was a time that perhaps we had. It has been my experience that when I allow someone else to upset me it is something going on within me that that other individual sparked within me. Generally I am upset because that unconditional part of me is not being activated with compassion, love and patience. Or I am seeing them purely through the eyes of ego and not as a brother or sister.

So perhaps what we see in others is not a direct reflection of who we are, it is designed to show us what we are still working on and strengthening within ourselves.

Life is a beautiful dance. When we learn to love the challenges as opportunities for growth, life becomes a whole hell of a lot easier. As my wonderful Uncle Rick told me, “Nothing in life, neither good or bad, lasts forever.” It is such a sweet, simple truth. The only gaurantee that we do have is here and now. Everything changes every moment, that we can be sure of. When we see life from a new perspective, say for instance through a childs eyes, we have the possibilty of doors and windows opening that were not there to begin with.

Roll with it, flow with it, laugh with it, dance with it, BE it. Let love in. Let love grow. BE the change we wish to see.

That is all I can do. Be the best I can be and help as many others along the way. My purpose is healing, loving, accepting and forgiving. Love is all there is. Love is all we need.


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I am anointed in everything I do, on a level this world is not familiar with, Give God Glory!
— One love.

It’s always the beginning.

This moment. Here and now. That’s what everything always comes back to. Where am I right now? Sitting lotus on my lanai. Enjoying the night sky and cool weather. Life is so beautiful. At times I get caught up in all the what ifs and what nots that I forget to just take it ALL in. Be here now. BE the change I wish to see.

Life is simple. We complicate it with our individual thinking, perspective and egos.

When we let love in. God’s pure, unconditional love. THAT is when the magic happens.

I am a conduet of all things holy, anointed and highly favored.

It is not I with the power but the great Source we all have the ability to tap into when ever we so choose.

Life is not what it appears to be. This is all an illusion. A sweet, beautiful, Diving illusion. Masterfully crafted and well thought out. We are the masters of our own lives. If we were to each take responsibility then the world would change in an instant. Literally an instant.

We live in a time where what each of us is here to bring to the table is more important now more then ever before. I am here to make a positive difference and I am making a positive difference.

Steady as she goes. Day in and day out. The little things add up. Every day doing the little seemingly insignificant tasks. I am realizing now more then ever how crucial this is.

One day of inconsistency has the potential to lead to a downward spiral of bringing back the habits of laziness and distraction.

Distraction comes in many ways and forms. My mind has been tricky I have been able to justify myself in my actions.

It is time to face the facts. I am where I am because of a lack of belief and faith. Bottomline. Funny to me that I have dream, believe, achieve permanently on my body yet I have failed to make that a manifestation in my life.

Now don’t get me wrong I am blessed in many ways that I only dream everyone on Earth gets to experience in this lifetime.

Everyday there is confirmation of how blessed and highly favored I am. All glory goes to God. I believe I have found a missing link here. My views on spirituality in the past have caused me to believe there was a seperation of God and whatever other name people choose to put on it.

Yet it all boils down to faith. We are all ultimately believing in something that we have no physical proof of. Although if we just opened our eyes we would see this magical place we live in.

There is no such thing as a secret though. Sure we may not be able to entirely read minds yet however, there are those who can.

That is what it is. Giving that glory to God, Source, whatever is comfortable to each individual. I respect each person on their path. We are all equal. Going through each moment wondering what it’s all about. There are beliefs that we can hold onto for comfort and security, until they no longer serve us and we must shift.

Change is the only thing that is for sure and that we all know. Nothing “good” or “bad” ever lasts. Ride the waves. Control our response to each wave and how much of an impact it’s going to have on us.

God is omnipotent and he instilled that in each and everyone of us. If we allow him to come into our life the blessings will amaze the world.

I feel it within. The time is NOW. We are not waiting for anything. Using each moment to get better and better. Higher and higher. Reaching beyond to the great unknown, enternaly knowing that no matter what everything is going to be ok. It always is and always will be.

The next moments from now until infinity and beyond are going to be more epically mind blowing then any of us are able to comprehend.

Oh sweet Divinity. Buckle up folks this is an awesome ride! One love baby :)


It’s 4am. I’m wide awake. Did a pretty in depth meditation tonight. For about 2 hours. Feel asleep twice in it. Well drifted in and out of consciousness.

Caused me to really question life and all that is. It really is as simple or complicated as we choose to make it. The more I learn the less I know. It really is a trippy thing being here.

They…you know those who went to ‘they’ university…say that ignorance is bliss. Well I’m just not sure I even know what ignorance is anymore. Yet I have felt bliss. Many times throughout my life. Sometimes another has been the catalyst mostly its been my reaction I suppose.

Some people say I think too much, what if they just aren’t thinking enough?

I choose this. Day in and day out. Changing at the blink of an eye. Life is amazing like that. One minute I feel like it all makes sense, the next nothing does.

I’ve met some pretty awesome beings in my life. Humans. Souls that I’ve known for eons. Others perhaps our first meeting.

Who knows really though I mean what if life really is what we make of it?

We all walk around in our bubbles. With our individual perspectives. We can meet just one person and everything changes. Even when it hasn’t seemed like it’s for the better it always turns out to be that way.

I used to have a very hard time with letting things go, perhaps I’m not entirely over that. Many people come and go. Staying just long enough to reveal a part of me that was meant to be dealt with.

After all we are all one right?

The matrix just a movie…or is it. Thoughts do become things. Whether we are conscious or not it’s been proven. I’ve proved it in my life, repeatedly. For better or worst.

Sooner or later we all have to face those ‘demons’. Some coast through life not ever thinking more into. Not me, that’s not my path.

I’m here to help, like so many others.

Now more then ever the world needs love and light. True, deep healing. I am a healer.

One love.